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Though the world has slowed down a lot, many people are still more active than ever. While many people are reaping the benefits of working from home, the lines between work and personal life may have become a bit blurred. As people have learned to lean into their work-from-home comforts, many have stopped practicing their self-care habits.

Tips For Putting Yourself on Your Schedule

For some, putting themselves on their own schedule can be a daunting task. Where does one begin and how can self-care be incorporated into a daily schedule? There are many ways that you can put yourself on your schedule including:

  • Scheduling time for yourself- If you’re an avid scheduler, or even if you’re more of a free-spirited daily planner, it is important to set aside a period of time in the day just for you. Give yourself an hour to pursue anything you personally want to do. 
  • Do something for you- Whether your idea of self-care is a sheet mask and a milkshake, an uninterrupted hour of reading, or cooking yourself a nice meal while listening to a podcast, take the time to do an activity just for yourself.
  • Knowing your triggers- If you notice something start to get under your skin or you are becoming easily frustrated, take some time away. Go for a brief walk or spend 15 minutes focusing on another task to calm yourself down. Remember, your sanity is more important than whatever assignment you are working on.

No matter how you incorporate yourself into your schedule, it is important to make sure that you do it on a regular basis. 

Why You Should Put Yourself on Your Schedule

Though people may believe that they can ease up on self-care now that they spend more time at home, that isn’t the case. Self-care habits should be preserved no matter the situation you are in, especially due to the benefits they bring to you and to your life. Maintaining proper self-care practices can:

  • Benefit your relationships- When you are well taken care of, you can better take care of others. Putting yourself first allows you to better be there for the people that matter the most in your life. If you are not the best version of yourself, it is possible that your personal relationships can begin to deteriorate. Being the best version of yourself allows you to be truly present and active in the lives of your loved ones.
  • Improve your health- Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and out of it to begin your self-care routine. It is best to practice self-care in little ways every day to prevent these health risks from occurring. The more stressed and overwhelmed you feel, the weaker your immune system can get resulting in illnesses which can bring about more stress! Practicing regular self-care can help you avoid this cycle. 
  • Compartmentalize your work- Working from home can turn your living space into a makeshift office. While this seems more comfortable for many, it can create some mental confusion around work and home. You may start to answer work calls and emails when you’re not on the clock or instead of taking a lunch break. Taking the time to log off for an hour to enjoy lunch reminds yourself that you and your health are important and that your work can wait. 
  • Improve your mood- When you lean into taking care of yourself, your mood and outlook on yourself will greatly improve. You are showing your body that you love, appreciate, and value it above all else. This can promote a stronger feeling of self-love and allow you to flourish. 

You are the most important person in your life and shouldn’t feel guilty for taking the time to take care of yourself. Practicing regular self-care can help you improve upon how you feel and how you interact with others. 

If you want to schedule a more formal self-care activity for yourself, contact the professionals at JoyLife Spa.