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Provide excellent quality massage therapy services.

*Appropriate Licensure Required

Provide excellent quality in both massage therapy and master esthetic services.

*Appropriate Licensure Required

Provide excellent quality esthetic services.

*Appropriate Licensure Required


We look forward to meeting you.

JoyLife SPA is a Luxury Garden Boutique in the City of Fairfax, VA designed to combine the creativity of our staff with needs of our clients. As a part of the JoyLife SPA team, we encourage you to keep exploring the wonder of the spa world through idea, practice, and education in order to meet the ever growing wants of our client relationships. This is a great place to try new things as a Massage Therapist and/Master Esthetician

As a new boutique, we are hiring our initial onboarding clientele with a goal of helping our new team build a great career. That said, it is important that our crew be passionate about their roles and come ready to bring their "A" games everyday. Only the best for our clients. Only the best for our team members. Providing our clients with an experience they will remember every time they come back is our top priority and can only work with a caring and talented team. Is that you? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Click the Apply Here button below to get started on your new journey.