If your body is feeling tense, stressed, or tired, try one of our massages. Our massages promote healing and will leave your body feeling refreshed and revived. Our massage therapists are well-trained and understand the importance of movement. They also have a close and expert understanding of the body and how to apply the perfect pressure to provide you with quality massages that will help improve many aspects of your body’s health including blood circulation. Our massages are sure to leave your body feeling united, refreshed, and ready to take on the day ahead of you. Pop into our spa for a massage that will leave you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.

Joy Signature Massage

60 | 90 | 120 Minute

The Joy Signature Customized Massage is tailor-fit to meet our guest’s specific concerns. This massage is a combination of a Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Neuromuscular Therapy techniques. The combination of these three distinct massages is used to target particular areas of the body that are most susceptible to severe or persistent pain. These areas include the neck, shoulder and lower back. The Joy Signature Customized Massage is also designed to improve the range of motion.

Those who choose to get this massage will receive a variety of other benefits including pain relief for specific problem areas, enhanced muscle use, and muscle longevity. If you have an issue with a certain area of your body, our massage therapists will identify it and put in effort to relieve the problem.

This treatment is fantastic to enjoy on its own but it also pairs very well with some of our other treatments including cupping, hot stone, and LED light therapy. If you have persistent and restrictive issues with your body, this massage may be the perfect little pick-me-up for you.

Alleviate Deep Tissue Massage

60 | 90 | 120 Minute

The Alleviate Deep Tissue Massage is a treatment focused on targeting painful areas as well as areas with a reduced range of motion. If you have been feeling as though you are unable to effectively carry out your daily routines due to pain or tightness in your muscles, this may be the massage for you. During this treatment, our massage therapists use a combination of Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, and even sports techniques to address pain in the soft tissue and muscle.

There are many benefits that occur as a result of this treatment including immediate and long-term relief from area-specific pain, the reduction and release of muscle knots and tension, an increased range of motion, increased flexibility in otherwise restricted areas, the encouraged repair of scar tissue, a reduction in Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJD, headache relief, relief of pain caused by chronic health issues, and a specific and focused assessment of all other pain in the body.

This is a great treatment to enjoy on its own but we believe it works the best alongside some of our other treatments including LED Therapy and Cupping.

Comfort Stress Relief Massage

60 | 90 | 120 Minute

The Comfort Stress Relief Massage focuses on alleviating the negative effects that stress has on the body. Stress can tighten up the muscles and create tension that otherwise wouldn’t be there. The Comfort Stress Relief Massage is a type of Swedish massage that utilizes firm to light pressure to help you to relax and unwind as your massage therapist focuses on your troubled and tension-rich areas.

There are many wonderful benefits to this type of massage, most notably it is known to improve the quality of your sleep, reduce the feeling of stress, temporarily relieve symptoms of anxiety, release tension in your muscles and allow them to relax, improve focus, and improve overall blood circulation. Due to all the wonderful benefits that this massage offers, many people find themselves drawn to this relaxing mind and body experience.

This treatment is wonderful when enjoyed on its own, however, we believe it pairs best with our hot stone treatment to increase its calming effects.

Treasure Prenatal Massage

60 Minute

The Treasure Prenatal Massage is specifically and safely designed for moms-to-be. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that comes with an amazing result, however, the effects that it can have on the body may result in pain or discomfort. This massage utilizes light to firm Swedish massage techniques that will alleviate any pain that pregnancy may have brought, giving you instant relief and peace.

There are many great benefits of the Treasure Prenatal Massage including, the relief of lower back pain, comfort for the mother, the maintenance of muscle mobility, promotion of relaxation, temporary relief from birthing anxieties, improved oxygen flow, improved quality of sleep, a decrease in the likelihood of developing depression, and promotion of an easier delivery.

Many moms-to-be actively seek out this treatment to help provide them with necessary rest and relaxation before their bundle of joy arrives.

Price: 60 Minutes 145.00, 75 Minutes 175, 90 Minutes 205.00, 120 Minutes 275.00