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We are pleased to announce that vaccines have been completed and facials are now offered again. Please pick from one of our wonderful spa packages to help you more fully experience JoyLife.



Signature Package

Customized Massage | Customized Facial | Seasonal Body Treatment

180 Minute | 435.00

The JoyLife Signature package is a full-body customized massage and facial that was created to provide optimal results to those who want their skin to feel reinvigorated. This treatment combines our Joy Signature Massage and our Life Signature Facial. You are able to add a 60 minute body treatment of choice onto this treatment to give you an experience that is personal to you and your needs.

The combination of the Joy Signature Massage and the Life Signature Facial create the feeling of total body relaxation. After this treatment, you will feel pain relief from specific targeted areas of the body, the removal of unwanted bodily toxins, and total skin rehydration.

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Detox and Hormonal

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (90 min.) | Corrective Facial | Detoxifying Body Wrap

180 Minutes, 495.00

The Regal and Hormonal Detox package was inspired by beautiful and strong women throughout history. This treatment package seeks to release any physical, mental, and emotional buildup that our clients may have. We utilize Detoxifying Massage techniques in combination with aromatherapy, and carefully selected body wrap products to encourage the release of bodily toxins throughout the whole body.

This treatment promotes a feeling of overall lightness and relaxation while encouraging metabolic improvement. Many clients who frequently book this treatment have a higher possibility of losing weight, improving their mood, and decreasing levels of anxiety. Customers who try this treatment also find themselves leaving relaxed, cheerful with a regular bowel detox.

Some treatments that complement the Regal Detox and Hormonal Package include our Hot Stone Massage and our LED Light Therapy for the face and body.

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Youth Anti-Aging Package

Anti-Aging Facial | Hydration Body Wrap | Stress Relief Massage

180 Minutes, 435.00

This nourishing and delicate treatment was created in order to help maintain your youthful glow. This package includes our Jubilant Anti-Aging Facial paired with our Indulge Hydrating Treatment and Comfort Stress Relief Massage. This combination of treatments will help relieve stress and promote the release of toxins from the body.

Those who choose this package can experience improved blood circulation, improved quality of sleep, and improved skin texture for mature skin. This combination treatment will calm the senses and promote a more youthful and glowing appearance.

Those who try this treatment may also want to try undergoing our LED Light Therapy in addition.

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Prenatal Package

Sensitive Skin Facial | Prenatal Massage

120 Minutes 290.00

This package merges our calming Prenatal Massage with our gentle Delight Sensitive Skin Facial for our mothers-to-be. This is an amazing treatment to erase the bodily stress that accompanies pregnancy. We provide our clients with elevated seating to accommodate their pregnancies while allowing them to experience a relaxing massage that will provide them with soothing relief to their aching muscles. This package enhances our clients’ beautiful pregnancy glow.

These treatments will relieve any pain that mothers-to-be may be undergoing while creating life, facilitate better muscle range and movement, improve oxygen flow to the body, and promote better sleep for our clients. Due to the great benefits that mothers can receive, many choose to unwind with this treatment.

​​Price: 60 Minutes 135.00, 90 Minutes 195.00, 120 Minutes 255.00