Black Owned Business


What fading memory I have of my beautiful Aunt Georgia still makes an impression on me today. Visiting her at her apartment in Maryland as a small child, by all appearances, she seemed to be just another single black mother struggling to make ends meet. It was small, nothing special, and just below it was the small shop she worked in. The shop was filled with knick-knacks and gadgets, again nothing special or appealing to a five or six-year-old girl. I’d been there with my mother and two years older sister a few times. But this would be the last time we visited together before learning of her passing. Yet, the memory of her being sweet, to me at least, with a beautiful fro remains my everlasting impression of her.

During this last visit, I learned, and oh what a shock it was to find out, that she owned the shop she worked in. Suddenly, in my eyes, she was living in the lap of luxury. Even at the young age of five or six, the thought of her success crippled me with fear. The message had sunken in that Black people weren’t allowed to dream of becoming business owners. We weren’t allowed to dream of wealth and weren’t allowed to dream of being more successful than the average White male in our neighborhood. Where these thoughts came from is still a mystery. It could have been a cousin, a history book, the news, etc. What is clear is that the moment I found out Black women could own their own business, my destiny was set!

Fast forward through the hard-knock lessons to JoyLife SPA. What a journey! Passion and art combined with over a decade of experience in the spa industry bring our guests to a place where they can rest and recuperate from the daily stresses of life. Live Joy Life! Start and end each day refreshed and ready for the next. Spend a little more quality time with your children. Let the world see more of your beautiful glowing face. Our Facials, Body Treatments, and Massages are created to help diminish the effects of stress on your body and skin to help you get the most out of life happening right now.

Our Services in Fairfax VA

JoyLife SPA is your go-to spa when looking for quality services and unique skin treatments with advanced and scientifically proven ingredients. We offer multiple self-care services, including massage, facials, body treatments, etc.


At JoyLife SPA in Fairfax, we treat each facial like a much-needed conversation where we listen to your concerns about anti-aging and correction. Acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, and more are all topics we love to address so that you are better able to put your best face forward.


JoyLife Spa is a Black-owned spa voted recently among the best spa massages in Fairfax. What’s the point of reference for this claim? We provide a ray of massages, from Comfort Stress Relief to Alleviate Deep Tissue. We enjoy seeing you transition from stress to joy with our skilled hands-on services. (Please see the spa menu to claim what we offer accurately)

Body Treatments

Our selection of body treatments helps you to enjoy any season. Exfoliate in the Summer for a nice Summer glow with our Elate Exfoliating Treatment, or hydrate during the Winter with our Indulge Hydration Treatment. We can customize the experience to best suit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons why many people turn to JoyLife Spa when looking for a business specializing in facials and massages in Fairfax. We always go above and beyond customers’ expectations to offer an unrivaled service in the industry.

  1. Customized Attention
    We give every client quality facial and massage treatment based on their concerns and problem areas to ensure you get nothing short of the best results.
  2. Personal Privacy
    We respect your privacy as our customer throughout treatment. Our experts will only undrape on the specific region they are working on when taking care of your skin treatment needs to preserve your privacy.
  3. Quality Services
    With a focus on the art of our work, we make it our specialty to create an experience that wraps each client in luxury.


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