We have a wonderful catered list of body treatments that will add vibrance back into your skin. Let our experts provide you with breathtaking tranquility as they provide you with a series of enriching treatments that will add a glow to your skin.

Indulge Hydration Treatment

60 | 90 Minute
  • The Indulge Hydration Treatment is a deeply penetrating full-body moisture treatment. Your body will be saturated in a carefully chosen hydration treatment customized for their skin and then wrapped for deeper product penetration. Our technicians utilize enriching products that will replenish the skin and help maintain a healthy and strong lipid barrier.

    The Indulge Hydration Treatment helps soothe and moisturize the skin. This treatment provides your skin with the hydration needed to soften and strengthen it. Additionally, the calming atmosphere and application will ease your senses and allow you to relax and absorb the feeling of the treatment.

Elate Exfoliation Treatment

60 Minute
  • Revamp and renew your skin with the Elate Exfoliation Treatment. This is the best treatment to exfoliate and remove dead skin. During this treatment, the skin is exfoliated using a micro-polish scrub to gently scrape off dead skin that may be clogging your skin’s pores. After that, we finish up the treatment with a hydrating service to reapply moisture back into the skin. The removal of dead skin allows the products applied in this treatment to be better absorbed by the body.

    This treatment stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and other debris from the top layer of skin, and prepares the body for the nourishing and skin-renewing products used at the end of the treatment.

Felicity Detox Treatment

60 | 90 Minute
  • The Felicity Detox Treatment is a specially designed full-body wrap treatment that was created to assist your body in releasing unhealthy toxins. Not only does this treatment help your body feel lighter and healthier, but it assists in promoting a healthier mindset.

    This treatment is excellent for those who want to detoxify their skin and release any built-up impurities. The Felicity Detox Treatment may also assist in improving the tone and appearance of the skin.

Price: 60 Minutes 125.00, 90 Minutes 185.00, 120 Minutes 245.00