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A Relaxing Day for Mom

Grandmother, mom and child hug in a portrait for mothers day on a house sofa as a happy family in Colombia. Smile, mama and elderly woman love hugging young girl or kid and enjoying quality time

Mom's deserve to be pampered every day of the year. So, we're glad Mother's Day provides the opportunity for the world to collectively recognize moms and the hard work they do. If you're a mom, in any capacity of the word, we salute you and wish you a Happy Mother's day. Because moms often put themselves on the back burner, we created a list of spa services to help her put herself first.

Because we get to work with mom's year around, we've listed a few Mother's Day Spa Services we think she'll enjoy.

SPA Services for MOM

1. Massage therapy: Treat mom to a relaxing massage to help reduce stress and tension in her body. Massages are a great way to relax and unwind for a mom in any stage of motherhood. This includes our JoyLife SPA Treasure Prenatal Massages for moms-to-be.
2. Facial treatment: Give mom the gift of glowing skin with a customized facial treatment. Facials are a great way to both relax and feel accomplished. At JoyLife SPA we use Eminence Organic Skincare, one of the top professional lines on the market, to make your mom's facial both enjoyable and effective.
3. Manicure and pedicure: Pamper mom with a luxurious manicure and pedicure to make her feel special. While we don't offer this service at the spa, we just couldn't leave it out. For a long lasting euphoric affect, a mani/pedi may be just what you're looking for. Your mom will likely remember your gift of love every time she sees her nails.
4. Body scrub and wrap: Help mom rejuvenate her skin with a body scrub and wrap treatment. This is probably one of the most underated spa experiences ever. Body treatments are a perfect combination of facial and massage for the entire body. Hydrate, exfoliate, detox, and more with a customized body treatment.
5. Aromatherapy: Treat mom to a relaxing aromatherapy session to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. You've heard it said, "Pick your poison." Well, pick your healing. From relaxation to  invigoration to clear sinuses, there's bound to be a blend to enhance your mom's joy.
6. Hot stone massage: Help mom unwind with a hot stone massage to soothe sore muscles and improve circulation. With a little help from the sedating heat of basalt rocks, this treatment will have your mom well on the way to relaxation and likely a really good night's sleep.
7. Deep tissue massage: Give mom the gift of relief from chronic muscle tension with a deep tissue massage. Mother's Day is the perfect excuse (as if one were needed at all) for mom to prioritize getting rid of the knots that have been bothering her all year. Our Alleviate Deep Tissue Massage can be booked as a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-Minute.
8. Paraffin wax treatment: Pamper mom with a paraffin wax treatment for her hands and feet to hydrate and soften her skin. Add this service to any facial, massage, or body treatment to enhance the experience.
9. Anti-Aging Hand Facial. Did you know our hands can tell our age? Add a hand facial to your mom's spa service for a more complete treatment.
10. Spa day package: Treat mom to a full day of pampering with a spa day package that includes multiple treatments and services. Our most popular packages include a facial, massage, and body treatment all-in-one. That would be the:

  • JoyLife Signature Package (Customized)
  • Blissful Youth Anti-Aging
  • Regal Detox and Hormonal

It's never too soon to book a spa service for your mom. Click on our booking link at to reserve her space today.