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Chemical peel season is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to prep your skin for deeper exfoliation. Dermaplane and Enzymes are amazing at doing just that. Both address dead skin cells at the surface of the skin without deep penetration. Thus, revealing the fresher layer of skin underneath and promoting a quicker cell turnover.

Not to mention...

You could prolong your Summer glow by allowing the Sun to reflect off newer skin cells rather than older more dull ones. And, don't forget...Sun Protection! Sun Protection! Sun Protection! We've partnered with ColoreScience to provide strong Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF coverage for all skin tones.

Regal Detox & Hormonal Treatment

Clarify facial impurities with the glee corrective facial. This service helps you lol and feel more confident as accuse concerns like acne, rosacea, and eczema to name a few are addressed encouraging a healthier appearance. Technology like galvanic current can be added for a more in-depth approach. Also, make sure to ask your Master Technician if the HydraFacial is a good fit for you.

The long standing Vodder technique is used to bring relieving Lymphatic Drainage results. Like massage, lymphatic drainage is a full body treatment that helps your body operate at its peak. Focusing on the lymphatic system, this treatment is great to help move stagnating fluid through the body and promote the release of wasteful toxins. And oh, there’s so much more…

This nourishing and delicate treatment was created in order to help maintain your youthful glow.

Enjoy an hour on the table in a warm and relaxing mud wrap. This aromatherapy induced service helps pull unwanted toxins out of the body while encouraging healthy bodily functions. For an even more enhanced service, opt into the detoxifying back mud which acts as a reflexology along the spine.

This nourishing and delicate treatment was created in order to help maintain your youthful glow.

A careful selection of aromatherapy is applied throughout the Regal Detox & Hormonal Package to encourage healthy body responses to replace stress and negative build up.
Please communicate all allergies with your technician.

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Back Mud

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Pumpkin & Yam

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Hot Stones

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Pumpkin & Yam Dermaplane Facial

Physical exfoliant blade sloughs away at dead skin cells

Brightening enzyme peel eats away at remaining dead skin cells.

Fresh new skin is encouraged to rise to the surface.

Fall Friendship

90-Minute Facial - 350


As the weather cools and the sun shines less, we'll look for ways to stay warm and cozy. While Fall clothing and specialized coffee are the first comforts to come to mind, what about the warmth of friendship?

Draw close to your best friend this Fall with a side-by-side facial in our relaxing Jubilance sweet. The expertise of our Master Estheticians and the company of your bestie may be just the touch you need to reveal your joyful glow.

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"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

-Lucille Ball

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